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Problem Situations

Expert Supervisor can help you diagnose and solve almost any employee behavior and performance problem you may face as a manager or supervisor.

For example, if you would like to receive help on what to do in a particular situation where an employee is excessively absent from work, click on Absenteeism below. For an employee who is careless or negligent in performing the job, click on Carelessness below.

To obtain help with all other problem situations, you must first become a registered user of Expert Supervisor.

Behavior and Performance Problems
 Absence Without Authorization
 Abuse/Destruction of Property
 Alcohol and Drugs
 Annoying or Offensive Behavior
 Assault and Fighting
 Consensual Relationships
 Conviction of a Crime
 Explosive Behavior
 Gross Mismanagement
 Harassment and Discrimination
 Illness and Injury
 Inattention to Work
 Irrational Behavior
 Low Work Output
 Malicious Behavior
 Misconduct Off the Job
 Missed Deadlines
 Poor Judgment
 Poor Quality
 Sexual Harassment
 Sleeping on the Job
 Threatening Behavior
 Unauthorized Use of Company Resources
 Violation of Rule, Regulation or Policy
 Weapon Possession