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Having Trouble Signing In to Expert Supervisor?

If you are unable to sign into Expert Supervisor after several tries, here's what to do:

  1. Do you have a registered account?
    If you or your company has a paid subscription, you still must create an account and password. If you have not already done so, please register your account.
  2. Is your account activated?
    Following registration, you must activate your account. If you are not sure if your account has been activated, click here and enter your e-mail address. We will send you an e-mail containing an activation code or a message stating that your account has already been activated.
  3. Is your password correct?
    If you have signed in successfully in the past but are unable to do so now, please verify that the password you are using is correct. Click here and enter your e-mail address. We will send your password via e-mail.
  4. Is your e-mail address correct? Please make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly in the Account Name field.

    NOTE: It's possible your e-mail address was entered incorrectly at the time you registered. Contact your HR specialist or notify us, using the Contact Form.