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An accolade is a written acknowledgement that an employee has done something noteworty. It 's a form of recognition or praise for a job well done. Written accolades are generally more effective than a verbal ‘pat on the back.’

Any time an employee excels in performing a job task or demonstrate behaviors valued in the organization, consider giving the person a written accolade. Simply click on a category below and select from the sample memos one that fits your situation. Note that each category also includes several suggestions on how to encourage and reinforce this type of behavior in your work group.

Open a sample memo as a Word document or as an e-mail message. Then modify the text to fit your situation and send it to the employee, with a copy to your file. The samples are provided to help make it easier to recognize and reward good behavior and performance. Some of the memos fit more than one category. Choose the one that best fits your situation.