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Accolades: Accountability

Assumes personal responsibility for the quantity and quality of work under his or her direction and for solving problems and overcoming obstacles. Refrains from making excuses or blaming others when things go wrong. Rarely complains about workplace conditions or resource constraints. Demonstrates a willingness to make sacrifices or suffer the consequences when state goals are not met. Readily admits mistakes and shortcomings when appropriate.

How to Encourage Employees to Be More Accountable for Results

  • Actively involve employees in the process of setting team goals
  • Allow employees some discretion in determining how specific tasks should be performed
  • Encourage employees to come to you when a problem occurs
  • Ask the individual, 'What would YOU recommend as a solution to this problem?'
  • Refrain from casting blame when things go wrong. Instead, look for ways to prevent it from occurring again.
  • Serve as a role model. Take responsibility for your own work and hold yourself accountable for results

Sample Accolades

  1. Makes a personal commitment to getting the job done
  2. Accepts responsibility for mistakes